Look no further than the cosmetic aisle for the tools you need to create the most beautiful, eerie, or flat-out scary Halloween looks using just making. Once you’ve mastered these tutorials, try crafting the rest of your costume by following one of these simple DIYs.


What’s not to love about wearing a rainbow wig, glow-in-the-dark unicorn horn, and rhinestones? Exactly.


Halloween is a time to turn your dreams into a reality. You know what that means: You can finally become the mermaid thanks to makeup scales and a bag of seashells.

Snow White
For an easy, sweet costume that doubles as a nighttime look (sans the little-girl bow, of course), copy Emma Pickles’ pretty Snow White makeup.
Pop Art Woman

Outline your face with strategically placed black trim and add big red dots to mimic your favorite Sunday comic. Then just add your favorite party dress. Roy Lichtenstein would be impressed.

Butterfly Filter

Snapchat filters don’t just come in creepy form — there are plenty of pretty ones like this golden butterfly look. Radiant highlighter, soft pink lips, and fluttery eyelashes make this an elegant Halloween costume option.

Fluffy Kitten

Not even a headband is required for this cute cat costume, thanks to the ears drawn on the forehead.

Killer Clown

Considering regular clowns are enough to scare a lot of people, this extra-scary clown makeup might actually make a few people run away, faint, or scream.

Daniel Tiger

Sure, a red hoodie makes this costume idea even more recognizable, but the cute orange and brown accents will be a hit with anyone who loves this cartoon.

Ursula the Sea Witch

While Ariel’s makeup is beautiful, let’s be honest: Being the evil sea witch Ursula is much more fun. Get this villainous look by following YouTuber Goldiestarling’s brilliant tutorial, complete with glittery starfish for your hair.

Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp, is that you? This makeup for Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean will cause everyone to give you a double take

The Joker

If you dress as The Joker, you’ll probably win Halloween (sorry Batman). Take a note from Suicide Squad to create this villian’s eerie look.


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